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Should you become a rapper?

Becoming a rapper is simple, but building a career as a rapper is a lot more complicated than just picking up a pen and pad. However, I do believe it’s possible for you to have a successful career with the right dedication and connections.

In order to make it as a rapper, you need to treat your music and yourself as a business. this Guide will lead you in the right direction to do just that.

  1. Purchase the rights to your beats

• whenever you use a beat and record a song, you should purchase the unlimited rights to the beat, meaning you have full access to monetize your song, perform your song and sell physical copies.

2. Distribute with Tunecore, CDbaby, distrokid

• This allows your fans to stream your music across all streaming channels and you can monetize your music through YouTube

3. promote yourself

Even Apple runs ads and commercials constantly. You should follow suit. This is crucial to expanding your following.

4. market yourself

• business cards

5. network

• It’s not about what you know, but who you know? Yes that rule applies here, in the music industry it’s all about connections. Your network is your net worth.

  1. schedule

• make plans, stick to them. Treat yourself like a business and get organized. Studio sessions once or twice a week, shows once a month, pop ups, giveaways, clothing. Your time is valuable

  1. s-corp or LLC

• Actually become a business so you dont get sued. Keep your business assets separate from your personal assets.

  1. branding

• Logo, Website, image, business cards, social media

  1. hard work

You know what you need to do, so do it. It’s not the time for excuses. It’s time for you to take action. You can start today, not tomorrow.

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