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How to write your first rap song

If you are a beginner to Writing music or someone looking to understand the basics of rapping, this simple 3 step guide will help you understand how to create a rap song

Format for your rap song:

1. hook/ chorus

you should start with the hook or chorus which is usually 4-8 bars repeated throughout the song.

2. verse

for your rap verse you should write and record 16 bars In Between hooks.

3. structure

now, your structure should go as follows:

option 1:

• hook/verse/hook/verse

option 2:


option 3:


option 4:

• verse/hook/verse/hook/verse

You can get creative with this and the way you structure your song typically depends on the structure of the instrumental you choose.

If you have any questions or would like a more in depth explanation of song structure or how to write your verse line by line stay tuned and also email me with and questions or concerns.

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