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How to start your rap career in 5 steps

How do rappers get famous fast?

Most rappers don’t necessarily get famous fast they typically have a slow climb to the top. Think of the big name artists who have been relevant for years.

for example:

They built foundations for a solid career by working hard every day at their craft.

fun fact: 2 chains didn’t get famous until he was 35 years old.

Most overnight successes are gone just as fast as They come. Think of your favorite one hit wonder, where are they now?

How do I start a rap career?

it’s not about what you know its about who you know.

How do rappers make money?

Rappers make money in so many ways, and ways that you may not think of at first. It used to be that record sales played a big part along with record deals. But with the change to streaming in the digital age rappers have been counting on other streams of income to make a living.

• Live performances

rappers sell concert tickets To generate income and open more doors for income such as merchandise

• Selling Merchandise

they sell CDs, clothing, tickets and more to earn income. they even sell this merchandise on their tours, at the shows or online through their website.

• Streaming/ publishing

rappers publish their music through sites such as tunecore, distrokid, cdbaby etc.

they companlies will distribute your music to all streaming platforms such as Spotify Apple Music youtube etc. From there you will earn a percentage of your streaming royalties.

• licensing and placements

getting your song placed on a tv show or a movie can generate income along with promoting your song to more potential fans

• record deals can earn a rapper lots of money at first but to have a steady stream of income you can publish your self independently and own your own masters.

How to be a good rapper?

Being a good rapper isn’t some overnight process, you don’t just go to sleep as a random and wake up as Kendrick Lamar. However, there is such thing as natural talent but even then it still takes time to perfect your craft.

So how can you perfect your craft?

• Practice writing or recording every day

practicing at least once a day can help you Reach the 10,000 hour goal. Even if it’s only a couple lines written down or 5 minutes freestyling, practice, practice, practice

•study other rappers, learn how other rappers record, write and mix there songs and take tips and pointers to apply to your own sessions. •co-write/ co- produce. Work with other artists. Work with people at your same level, below your level and above. You will learn something new every time. Each time you do it you will improve.

•get honest opinions and feedback on your songs, from lyrics to topic to beat choice. Take all this into consideration to help you on your next project. Don’t take the opinions personally, use it to your advantage.

How to become a rapper with no money?

You don’t need a lot of rapper to become a rapper. What you do need is a pen and pad or a notes app on your phone. Over time you should invest in your career. You can get a day job and put a percentage of your paycheck towards studio equipment or studio time. You can build your own home studio for a bigger upfront investment, but in the long run it will save you money, and you can learn how to record and mix your own songs!

promote yourself online and in person by making connections. Take time building a solid fan base and monetize it by selling your craft and merchandise to them. Use your profit to help fund your rap career. Treat it like a business, whatever you make, reinvest it.

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